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Walter Koenig's Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot

Roddenberry asked him to "ham up" his Russian accent to add a note of comic relief to the series. Chekov's accent has been criticized as inauthentic, in particular Koenig's substituting the "w" sound in place of a "v" sound e.

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Most of Koenig's fan mail indeed came from children, and the high volume of letters contributed to him soon receiving a contract as a regular cast member; this surprised Koenig, who had been told that Chekov would be a recurring role. When Takei returned, the two had to share a dressing room and a single episode script. This reportedly angered Takei to the point where he nearly left the show although Koenig observed in a interview that, whilst sharing a dressing room with Takei and James Doohan , they recognised their status as supporting players, and "didn't think twice about it" , [8] but the two actors have since become good friends, to the point that Koenig was the best man at Takei's wedding in The Chekov character never appeared in the animated Star Trek.

Though the show's producers had decided not to cast him for budgetary reasons, and purchased his script for an episode of the series titled " The Infinite Vulcan ", Koenig later confessed that he was upset at being left out of the cast. According to the teaser for Renegades episodes 2 and 3, this will be the last time Koenig plays the role of Chekov.

Walter Koenig

After Star Trek, and before the movies started, Koenig found some work as a writer. He submitted freelance scripts to a number of shows, and was the main writer on the show What Really Happened to the Class of '65? He was a "Special Guest Star" in twelve episodes and, at the end of the third season, the production company applied for an Emmy nomination on his behalf. He was slated to play Bester on the spin-off series Crusade , but the series was cancelled before his episode was filmed.

The character name of "Alfred Bester" was an homage to the science-fiction writer of the same name. Koenig played "Oro" in two episodes of the Canadian science fiction television series The Starlost , which aired in on Canada's CTV television network.

Koenig's film, stage, and TV roles span fifty years. He returned to space with a starring role in Moontrap and played a futuristic dictator in the video game Maximum Surge.

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The game was later cancelled, but considerable footage from it was recycled for the film Game Over , with Koenig's dialogue dubbed over in order to retrofit his performance into the role of a computer hard drive. During the early s he starred in a touring production of the play "The Boys in Autumn", playing a middle aged Tom Sawyer , who reunites with childhood friend Huckleberry Finn. Fellow Trek actor Mark Lenard played Finn.

He created his own comic book series called Raver , which was published by Malibu Comics in the early s, and appeared as a "special guest star" in an issue of the comic book Eternity Smith , which features him prominently on its cover.

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Baez, published by Bluewater Comics, which compiled the four issues of the miniseries of the same name. In , he directed stage versions of two of the original Twilight Zone episodes for Letter Entertainment. In , Koenig starred in Drawing Down the Moon , an independent film about a Wiccan woman who attempts to open a homeless shelter in a small Pennsylvania town. Koenig played Joe Merchant, a local crime lord obsessed with chaos theory who sends his thugs to intimidate her into shutting down the shelter.

In , Koenig co-starred in Mad Cowgirl , an independent movie about a meat-packing health inspector dying from a brain disorder, in which he played televangelist Pastor Dylan. Koenig received the 2,th star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on September 10, Most recently, Koenig appeared in the s throwback Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time from director Rob Taylor , battling puppet goblins as science officer Ray Nabroski.

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In , he again appeared opposite Hatch in the science-fiction drama Diminuendo , which was Hatch's last performance before his death. In , Koenig was asked by the human rights group U. Campaign for Burma to help in their grassroots campaign about the humanitarian crisis in Burma. As detailed on his official website, he visited refugee camps along the Burma-Thailand border from July 16 to 25, Koenig married Judy Levitt in In they had a son, actor Andrew Koenig , who died by suicide in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American actor. For the Australian Olympic wrestler, see Walter Koenig wrestler. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. March Chicago, Illinois , U. Judy Levitt m. I was one of only two people who auditioned for the part, which is quite extraordinary. Considering that this has so materially affected the last 35 years of my life This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Walter Koenig's Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot

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