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We recognize the location thanks to a sign along the road and, on the left, we find a small parking area near a gate. Here the excavations have unearthed the walls and findings since the 90s, but only recently people can visit the site. Once we have passed the access point, we are pleased to take a walk in nature; a pine forests surrounds the vast excavation area, overlooking the sea.

Here the archaeologists found the remains of the perimeter walls of the buildings.

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The area occupied by the villa is very extensive and the complexity of the structure suggests that the residence belonged to a person of high rank. The hypothesis is also confirmed by the presence of precious marbles and the remains of fine decorations. Among the ruins there are also some arches and, in some points, the presence of a lower and upper floor in the original structure can be perceived. Surely a part of the housing complexes was reserved for landlords and other areas for servants.

The experts also believe that an area was used as thermal baths. Fans of Roman history will found other information about the villa by visiting the Sanna Museum of Sassari. Here there are some fragments of mosaic and other precious findings of the area.

Abelard , Jacques.

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By Patricia Vigderman. By Karen Manchester. By Kathleen Vail.

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      By Annalisa Marzano. By Richard Krautheimer. By Metropolitan Museum of Art. By Anne Dawson Hedeman. By Peg Streep.

      By Philip Gardiner. By Silke Knippschild. By Ferdowsi. By Peter Stewart. Home Books Art Ancient. Ancient Art. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Gems from the collection of Shelby White and Leon Levy, an extraordinary assortment of ancient pottery and sculpture being shown to the public for the first time. Over 1, yearsof classical creativity is reflected in this beautiful volume, with essays by 20 leading Greek and Roman scholars putting the works in perspective. Accompanied by color photographs of treasures of Egyptian art and architecture, as well as impressive aerial views of the surrounding landscapes, the renowned Egyptologist captures the very essence of ancient Egypt in this consummate exploration of Egyptian divinity, revealing the central role that religion played in Egyptian life and culture.

      Glossary, annotated biblio. This truly visionary monarch was the sponsor of what may be regarded as the greatest Hindu monument in the Tamil country. The genius of Rajaraja's architect, who conceived and executed this stupendous structural feat, and the multifarious talents of the numerous artists employed to work on its stone carvings and mural paintings, are still apparent today. The temple is the supreme achievement of the Chola era and indeed one of the greatest masterpieces of Hindu architecture and art in the whole of India. While fully acknowledging Rajaraja's crucial role in conceptualizing and executing the Thanjavur temple, the volume also draws attention to the contributions of later Nayaka and Maratha patrons in the period spanning the 16th to 19th centuries.

      Thus was the ritual and artistic life of the monument preserved down to modern times. All phases of the temple's history are presented in this volume, which offers a comprehensive account of its architecture, sculptures, paintings, and historical records, as well as its ritual and cultural life. Bharath Ramamrutham's splendid photographs are the most complete ever to be published. His images are supplemented by high quality digital images of the Chola-period murals in the passageway around the main shrine supplied by the Archaeological Survey of India, Chennai Circle.

      Greek Art By Mark D. Combining the latest archaeological discovers with new scholarly methods, the author presents a history of Greek art and the idea of the classical through a range of media and materials, including Archaic statues from the Aegean islands, the gold and ivory of Macedonia, to the great Hellenistic monuments of the Greak east.

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      Comparative Timeline, Bibliography, Index. This account sets the formation of the Classical style in its proper historical context. The particular social, political and religious factors involved in the patronage of buildings, sculpture, and paintings are traced from antecedents in Minoan and Mycenaean times to the Hellenistic world after Alexander. This richly illustrated book examines the legacy of Greek mythology in Western art from the classical era to the present.

      It reveals the range and variety with which individual Greek myths, motifs, and characters have been treated throughout the history of the visual arts in the West. Tracing the emergence, survival, and transformation of key mythological figures and motifs from ancient Greece through the modern era, it explores the enduring importance of such myths for artists and viewers in their own time and over the millennia that followed" John Boardman examines a wealth of art and artifacts as well as literary sources to reveal the remarkable influence of Greek culture on peoples—Anatolians, Levantines, Persians, Asiatics, Indians, and Chinese—whose civilizations were far older, with their own strong traditions in government, the arts, and daily life.

      The Greeks were not empire builders. They did not seek to conquer or rule. However, they were highly literate and adept at trade; they spread a monetary economy through Eurasia; their religion was easily adapted to that of others; their art developed a narrative form that was to be dominant for centuries to come; and their poets and philosophers were widely respected outside their homeland. Through their travels they came to leave a very distinctive imprint on the lives and arts of many distant peoples.

      Second edition, revised and expanded. Sculptured figural motifs were an important component of many buildings in the Hellenistic world, and their frequent relegation to subsidiary status has, until now, left our knowledge of both Hellenistic architecture and sculpture incomplete. Webb examines the full range of figural embellishment - from simple to complex, on large monuments as well as on more obscure ones, and in the major population centers as well as the smaller cities, sanctuaries, and isolated areas throughout western Anatolia and the Aegean islands.

      In this book, the first to focus specifically on the figural adornment of Hellenistic architecture, Webb provides extensive information about the chronology and interpretation of figural motifs adorning religious, civic, commercial, commemorative, and domestic constructions.