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Which I learned contained a fresh change of clothes, and a few books. The thought of him completely undressing and dressing me again, made my knees weaker than they were already. Unfortunately my brisk walk came out as a slow stumble, which was clearly unconvincing to Soul because he stayed a few steps behind me in-case I might fall. Much to his dismay, I slammed the bathroom door in his face before he could further protest my actions.

The bathroom was tiny, just a toilet and a sink about a foot apart from each other, the mirror however stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked nothing like myself.

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I untied the gown and let it fall to the floor. What once had been tight muscle under tan skin, was now pale with the protrusion of bones. I could see all my ribs, along with my hip bones sticking out. While it wasn't horrendous, I went from looking like a professional athlete to a super model, it shocked me, causing me to gasp. Not to mention my face just seemed tired.

I allowed my fingers to trace the puffy wound that trailed so far across my body, and only had the desire to hide it from Soul's eyes. I could tell he was hurting, physically could feel the ache through the string tugging on my chest. I quickly got to work changing my clothes, snapping a bra around my chest and slipping on a t-shirt, which appeared to be Soul's, over my body.

See a Problem?

I went to pull the supplied pants up when like an idiot I managed to get tangled in them, and plop over with a bang. Slamming my head into the wall, leading to Soul bursting into the room to find my pants half way up my legs and me leaning forward rubbing my head. Unsure of where to place his hands, they wavered about in the air. I'd been in a hospital bed for six months give me a break. I reached my hand up to chop his smug head, but my force was clearly not what it had use to be considering he ignored me completely as he went to smooth my hair back down.

He stood and offered a hand to me, hiking me from the ground and into his chest in one swift motion. It was warm there, and my body instinctively laced my arms around his hips, burying my face within his chest. He tensed for a moment, before his arms too wrapped around me. It does, doesn't it, seeing me like this…" I trailed off, afraid to look up at him, I only could tell his shift in emotions by the way his body reacted to my words.

Recoiling from me, ever so slightly, like he was unworthy to be there.

And I have a feeling you blame yourself for whatever it is that happened. And while I don't know how I ended up like this. I do know you're the reason I'm not in that hospital bed right now. Your voice is the voice that trailed me back here, and I don't believe you would have been able to do that, if any part of me resented you for how I ended up there to begin with. He squeezed me tighter as if I was going to disappear, which while it felt comforting to my aching body, the string in my chest twanged with pain.

I didn't see any of my friends for the rest of the day, and as we headed back outside and to the apartment, I realized it was quite dark outside. Guess everyone's asleep. Another fun thing I learned on our way back, was he happened to live on the top floor of the apartment building, which meant lots of stairs.

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Stairs I was currently staring at, dauntingly. Without a word Soul scooped me up bridal style and started his way up the stairs, like he knew I'd never admit I couldn't make it and would have killed myself trying. Maybe he did know these things though. Regardless, I protested ignoring the heat that spiked in my groin every time he touched me. And being this close to his body, the feeling was almost intoxicating. His only response was a very doubting look, which involved a raised eyebrow and a spiky toothed smirk. The question took me back and I stopped squirming.

But that doesn't feel right now and as seeing how DWMA students live with their weapon partner, I assume that I then lived with you. However, I don't remember this apartment building at all, I remember another, so I'm unsure. He paused for a moment and his facial expression displayed he was mulling over what he should say. I could read him very well for someone I remembered nothing about, aside from some spotty memories of the horrendous wound he'd received from Crona. He finally decided to speak, breaking me from my thoughts. However, when we graduated, we continued to live together, just in a different apartment as seeing how we weren't students anymore and you didn't want to go home to your father.

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Of course, Blair followed along too. Unlike my papa however, she took my current physical state into mind before tackling me to the ground. Instead, she shifted into her cat form, landing excitedly in my outreached hands. Soul's been sooooo lonely since you were gone. I was so worried; he didn't even have the energy to fend me off!

If he wasn't by you, he was just locked in your shared room, surrounded by all the memories of you. Shared room? Everyone was, like they were afraid of jarring my memory. Blair's tail twitched. I have so many things to catch you up on! I've been dating your father you know. I dropped her to the ground as she gave an offended gasp. Or I guess our room.

I could hear them speaking to one another, but my body, even though I had just woken up from a coma, was too exhausted to care. I stripped off my pants and shoes, and faceplanted into the bed, located in the middle of the room. Worming my body to the right side of the bed, I took in my surroundings.

The right side of the bed had clearly been mine, considering the stack of hardbacks located on the nightstand beside it, the only indication I had been gone was the slight layer of dust atop them. A picture of me and Soul wrapped up in one another lay beside the lamp.

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Hints of whatever life we had together were scattered across the room, from the shared dresser to the shared bed. Had we been dating? We clearly had, there's no way any of this would make sense otherwise. But why is everyone dancing around it then? There was a keyboard on the opposing side of the room, half written on music sheets spread about the seat. The walls were a burgundy red, the sheets a calm cream. I noticed with embarrassment that a small stack of unopened condoms rested on the table beside Soul's half of the bed, but I also saw a letter there, with my hand writing.

His worn eyes drug over me, and I realized I was propped atop of his bed, our bed, in nothing but his t-shirt and my underwear. I didn't want to move. I wanted him to look at me. I didn't speak and he continued. I could feel a happy tug on the string in my chest, saw his face lighten. I watched the shadow of him in the darkness, pulling the clothes from his body.

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Coming to the bed in his boxers, I heard him sweep his bedside table into a drawer below. This is a story of people that have special powers and are being persecuted because of them. Some parts of this story did not make any sense to me, as the story had no body to speak of. People were rescued but then what? This story should be rewritten, and revised with a beginning, Why these people are born mutants, and why they are being persecuted.

Middle, What do they do once rescued, do they form an army and fight for the right to live, do they stay hidden to stay alive, what are their plans, their future? The ending, Do they become a country in their own right, Do they gain their freedom, how does their story end? If revised, this could be an awesome story. This story reminds me of the song "In the year They are my food for thought.

This was a story short that left me shaken! Kudos for a great job on a subject that is often swept under the rug. Joey just wanted to be a writer of fiction, until she signs up for a Criminal Analysis class.