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A sight to behold, these whales have had a long journey from the polar regions of the North Atlantic where they feed before making their way up to the safety of the Caribbean waters which provides a perfect nursery for the calves.

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There are laws and guidelines now in place to protect and preserve them. Snorkel out to the reef and sink below the surface in silence and you will be able to hear the beautiful whale songs of the males and calves as it amplifies off of the reef. If you are willing to travel a little further, there are a choice of excursions that guarantee a close-up Whale viewing experience.

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Samana Peninsula is one of the best places to view the Humpback Whales and is a stunning 3-hour drive from Cabarete. You bring the cocoa! All interactive and fun!

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Story play and dance by audience volunteers always bring out the cameras. Celebrate St. Could you button a suit on a 4-legger? Little kids love it, older kids find this very funny, wise adults enjoy the many levels of these great stories. But she knows how to cope—after all, she IS a three-week old, itsy bitsy teenie weenie tiny baby bunny!

Funny surprise ending reveals a wittle monstah.

"LET'S SAY HELLO! (REMIX VERSION)" LYRICS by TAKUMA SAIKI: Everybody says good morning

Can they turn a bully elephant into a pal with music? Lots of upbeat tunes, hand-play, word echoing and physical participation for the little ones who so love to be ACTIVE. MJ sings, plays guitar, invites them to move, chant and wiggle, and has superb crowd management skills, so things stay pleasantly—well, managed.

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The kids find MJ very funny, and she is ever so gentle with their tender hearts. MJ is an expert at keeping their attention, and refreshing it with stories to look at—engaging all their senses for a loving literacy learning experience. Teachers have a ball, too, and gain valuable techniques as they participate.

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This is an expert, ready for your kids and professional development workshops for their tired teachers young and experienced. This multilingual program is lively and entertaining, with stories sung, told in English with other languages, too—even drawn by audience children with big, colorful markers on a big poster you can keep on display if you wish.

There are so many ways to say hello, and sing, and tell stories. The music and stories in this show explore other languages, too. Grimm Fairy tale English with German, too.

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Little to elders have a lot of fun trying out words in foreign languages sprinkled throughout the show! Eye- and ear-opening. Nominated for a Mass. Mary Jo offers lots of song dances great for library literacy sports! Faces all light up as we clap and join in the easy fun. Best for up, but we always deal lovingly with the littles. See calendar for free dates near you, or book it! Perfect in November, when we turn indoors, and inward. Celebrate Family Literacy Month, too! What goes around the house but never comes in? I know , everybody says Tuscany , the di Amalfi coast Okay , everybody say, "Go, Cornhuskers!

Everybody, Haley says that Dylan is a musician, and he writes some great songs. When I say everybody, I mean Everybody says that , nobody means it.

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For example, we spend so much time talking about "invited" and "uninvited" forces, when in actual fact the peace process , signed by everybody, says that all forces must withdraw. You're a terrific couple , everybody says so. Right, but , Terry , everybody says he was in L. I've talked to everybody, they all say you are healthy enough to go home.

Everybody get together , say "fishing. Now , everybody say "Freeze!