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Ted Cruz but lost Tuesday by a narrow 3-point margin. Beto fans were devastated by the loss, but took heart in what he and his supporters were able to do. We are not technically blue yet, but we are getting there. He started it. He ran on universal health care, gun safety, abortion rights, and ending private immigration prisons and detention centers, to name a few of his core policies. His strategy depended on increased turnout.

I grew up in one of the most conservative counties in California, possibly the country. I have no problem with conservative principles.

"We are not technically blue yet, but we are getting there. He started it.”

In fact, I like most of the economic ones. Thanks for the Texas apology. My wife and I are transplants by choice, and we love Austin.

You mention six flags…did you know that Laredo has flown seven flags? I love Latino culture.

Forever Texas

America will be better when it has more of it. As a gay native Texan, I long held a similar, albeit somewhat more benevolent opinion of our homegrown radical counterculture—until, that is, I moved to California in , and over the course of the next 25 years, watched as one of the most highly-taxed states in the country descended into insolvency and multicultural chaos at the hands of both a growing PC ethos and an ultra-liberal, increasingly Hispano-centric legislature. Having just moved back to Austin after my long California detour, the contrasts between the two states of mind , have become even more stark to me.

As a gringo frio , I too love Latino culture and date Latinos almost exclusively. There is a reason there are different countries; California is discovering this, and very rapidly. Was Jade Helm conceived as an attempted military takeover of Texas?

But was it maybe one more litmus test like TSA airport-security theatre to see how the sheep would respond to turning the once-unthinkable into the commonplace? Based on my study of history, particularly of past empires at similar points of flux, I deem that possibility much more likely than do you; and I, for one, am glad that Texans reacted to it with something other than apathetic passivity, because we were about the only ones.

If not for a strong wariness of government overreach and a very un-PC resistance to the corruption of its traditions and values, Texas might not be the place it is today, and you might not find it nearly so amenable. What are you talking about? California still gives more to the Federal government than it receives. And standing on its own, CA would still be a top 10 global economy.

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Yes the cost of living is higher than Texas, but so is the quality of life. Top quality public universities and school, excellent public hospitals and research centers plus several compassionate programs for the elderly and the disabled, a livable minimum wage — these are just some of the things that the higher tax rate enables. Given the value I get from my state, I am happy to pay more taxes and live in California. I think the most important fact is that our self loving bravado can be a reminder to the rest of the country that the states have rights that the Federal Govt. That goes for both blue and red, and fiscal and social, or whatever topic one could bring up.

Different strokes for different folks. Great article!

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I think Ryan has just exceptionally explained that, of all the 50 states, Texas has the best balance of available land, big cities and populations with culture, political freedom and variety of geography. I agree with him. As a native Texan I was nodding my head happily until you said only decent college. The rest of the article was splendid! October 27, by Ryan Holiday. His work has been translated into thirty languages and has appeared everywhere from the Columbia Journalism Review to Fast Company.

'Dallas' 40th Anniversary: The Show That Changed Texas Forever

He lives in Austin, Texas. Grant October 27, at pm. Again, great read. John Coates October 27, at pm.

Texas coaching legend Augie Garrido enshrined forever at the Disch

Great take on the American Dream. Looking forward to seeing guest posts by Watermelon. Jim C October 31, at am. Ryan Holiday November 1, at pm.

Carl October 31, at pm. I have two houses, one with an agricultural exemption. I know the game well. Alex November 1, at pm. Mike Flynn November 4, at am. Just a thought. Onyx March 2, at pm. Tim February 2, at am. I live in New Braunfels and sometimes forget all that is around me, Great piece Ryan. David Harbour May 6, at pm. John August 31, at am. Every place has their beauties and crazies.

Texas is a wonderful place for many reasons. God Bless Texas! And to each, their own. Dean December 26, at am. Jacob January 22, at pm.