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Paul, both of whom are 24, have been charged with multiple sex offenses, including using minors in pornographic work. It comes after the two underage girls were picked up in Koenig's Jeep in mid-March and driven to his apartment on the block of Labore Road in Little Canada. The girls were plied with vodka and became heavily drunk. It was at this point that one of the girls was directed by Johnson to take her clothes off.

This men's talk show got uncomfortably candid about #MeToo. It's a must-watch.

The men then proceeded to sexually assault the girls, using their cellphones to tape the girls during various sex acts, a criminal complaint alleges. The girls were brought home after one of their mother's called them, and could hear "tussling" noises in the background after her phone was picked up. She yelled into the phone that her daughter needed to be returned home or she'd call the police.

A short time later, Koenig and Johnson drove them home, with the parents of one of the girls waiting outside when Koenig's Jeep pulled up. The year-old was last seen at a residence in Bloomington Nov. Minnesota is fresh off a trip to the Women's College World Series.

The victim was found dead inside a home on Monday, Nov. Twins Daily's Seth Stohs has the all the info you need on why Duran is exciting. The 32 year old taught at a middle school in Columbia Heights. Astronomer William Herschel, who in discovered the planet Uranus, supposedly even spotted a series of volcanic eruptions: "I perceive three volcanos in different places of the dark part of the new moon.

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Two of them are either already nearly extinct, or otherwise in a state of going to break out; which perhaps may be decided next lunation. The third shows an actual eruption of fire, or luminous matter The volcano burns with greater violence than last night All the adjacent parts of the volcanic mountain seemed to be faintly illuminated by the eruption, and were gradually more obscure as they lay at a greater distance from the crater.

Earth seen from the surface of the Moon, by French artist and astronomer Lucien Rudaux, who created He discovered that the material found around a crater correlates with the hole in the ground. Based on such observations, in German astronomer Franz von Paula Gruithuisen proposed the impact theory to explain the origin of lunar craters: As a meteorite impacts on the lunar surface, it explodes, excavating a crater in the ground and ejecting material around it.

The modern geological exploration of the Moon started around , with the first attempts by the Soviets to land space probes there. Two probes missed the target, but Luna 3 transmitted the first pictures of the dark side of the Moon back to Earth.

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On February 3, , the probe Luna 9 made it safely to the surface, sending first pictures from there. The images showed vast lava fields and steep hills, causing quite some concerns.

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If the Moon was covered everywhere by such rugged terrain, landing a manned spaceship there would be extremely dangerous. Only later it was discovered that the images were distorted due to an error in decoding the radio signal.

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At the time most scientists imagined the Moon to be a very strange, alien looking landscape. Mountains and rocky cliffs, not constrained in their height by gravitational pull as on Earth, were imagined to be extremely high and steep.

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In fact, some mountains found on the Moon rise above the surrounding terrain by more than 10, feet. View of a lunar landscape, from Henry White Warren "Recreations in astronomy", published in Between and the Americans launched the Ranger project, followed by the Lunar Orbiter , dedicated to the same goal.

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The Surveyor project also included some probes landing on the Moon. The U. Geological Survey established an astrogeology branch in Menlo Park California and Flagstaff, Arizona, to study the data.

William Hartmann, a first-year graduate student at the time, was tasked with snapping photos of the hemisphere from different angles.