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For most of the time, the ampoules are kept in a bank vault, whose keys are held by a commission of local notables, including the Mayor of Naples; while the bones are kept in a crypt under the main altar of Naples Cathedral. On feast days, all these relics are taken in procession from the cathedral to the Monastery of Santa Chiara , where the archbishop holds the reliquary up and tilts it to show that the contents are solid, and places it on the high altar next to the saint's other relics.

After intense prayers by the faithful, including the so-called "relatives of Saint Januarius" parenti di San Gennaro , the content of the larger vial typically liquefies. The archbishop then holds up the vial and tilts it again to demonstrate that liquefaction has taken place. The announcement of the liquefaction is greeted with a gun salute at the 13th-century Castel Nuovo. The ampoules remain exposed on the altar for eight days, while the priests move or turn them periodically to show that the contents remain liquid.

The liquefaction sometimes takes place almost immediately, but can take hours or even days. Records kept at the Duomo tell that on rare occasions the contents fail to liquefy, are found already liquefied when the ampoules are taken from the safe, [24] or liquefy outside the usual dates. While the Catholic Church has always supported the celebrations, it has never formulated an official statement on the phenomenon and maintains a neutral stance about scientific investigations. This makes close analysis impossible. Nevertheless, a spectroscopic analysis performed in by Gennaro Sperindeo claimed that the spectrum was consistent with hemoglobin.

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However, later measurements with a precision balance, performed over five years, failed to detect any variation. Various suggestions for the content's composition have been advanced, such as a material that is photosensitive , hygroscopic , or has a low melting point.

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Researchers have proposed specifically a suspension of hydrated iron oxide , FeO OH , which reproduces the color and behavior of the 'blood' in the ampoule. In , Giuseppe Geraci, a professor in the Department of Molecular Biology at Naples's Frederick II University , conducted an experiment on a vial containing old blood—a relic dating back to the 18th century from the Eremo di Camaldoli near Arezzo in Tuscany —having the same characteristics of the blood of St.

Geraci showed that the Camaldoli relic also contains blood that can change its solid-liquid phase by shaking. He stated that, "There is no univocal scientific fact that explains why these changes take place. It is not enough to attribute to the movement the ability to dissolve the blood, the liquid contained in the Treasure case changes state for reasons still to be identified.

Although Naples became known as "City of Blood" urbs sanguinum , [ citation needed ] legends of blood liquefaction are not a unique phenomenon. Other examples include vials of the blood of Saint Patricia , [ where? In all, the church has recognized claims of miraculous liquefying blood for seven [38] or about twenty [39] saints from Campania and virtually nowhere else.

The Treasure of St Januarius is composed of magnificent works and donations collected in seven centuries of Popes, Kings, Emperors, famous and ordinary people. According to studies done by a pool of experts who have analyzed all the pieces of the collection, the Treasure of St Januarius would be even richer than the crown of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Czars of Russia.

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The Treasure is a unique collection of art masterpieces, kept untouched thanks to the Deputation of the Chapel of St Januarius, an ancient secular institution founded in by a vote of the city of Naples, still existing. Today, the Treasure is exhibited in the Museum of the Treasure of St Januarius , whose entrance is located on the right side of the Dome of Naples, under the arcades. By visiting the Museum, you can access the Chapel of St. Gennaro even during the closing hours of the Cathedral.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Januarius disambiguation. For other uses, see Gennaro disambiguation and San Gennaro disambiguation. Main article: Feast of San Gennaro. Main article: Museum of the Treasure of St Januarius. In Herbermann, Charles ed. Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. September Santi e Beati.

Retrieved 29 August VI , Paris, pp. Chemistry in Britain. Retrieved July 28, Giuseppe De Blasiis, Naples, , p.

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Januarius liquefies during Francis' visit to Naples". Catholic Herald. March 21, Christian Post. Sir Francis Ronalds and his Family. Retrieved 11 February Gennaro , 3rd ed. Samuel Charap. Martin N.

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San Gennaro: il tesoro più ricco del mondo, storia e fede

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