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Cancelar Eliminar. Ver en pantalla completa. Aquarium Carnival of the Animals, Classical Music. Aquarium Original Title: Le carnaval des animaux.

Edited by: Hurst, Lawrence

Because he wanted to be considered a composer of serious, substantial music, he suppressed Carnival of the Animals shortly after its premiere in the following year. However, this "zoological fantasy," one of the most successful examples of humourously themed music in the repertory, has become one of the composer's most popular works. Carnival of the Animals, cast as a suite of 14 short pieces, is scored for an ensemble comprising two pianos, two violins, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, and glockenspiel. The work begins with a roar from the two pianos and low strings, an appropriate introduction to the "Royal March of the Lions.

Graceful and rapid leaps on the keyboard naturally describe kangaroos.

Liquid, rippling sounds on the piano and a magical, serene melody characterize one of the loveliest sections of the work, a sound portrait of an aquarium. Creative Commons Attribution 4. Naxos Javascript not enabled. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. Creative Commons Attribution 3. Tortues Tortoises V. Kangourous Kangaroos VII. Aquarium VIII. Pianistes Pianists XII.

Saint-Saëns. Le carnaval des animaux - 13. Le cygne

Duration 20 minutes Composer Time Period Comp. Contents 1 Performances 1. Performers Shawn White primo and Gabriel Hernandez secondo. Javascript is required for this feature. Milan: Classica Viva.

Performers MIDI. These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.

Recital Music

Pub lisher. Manuscript, n. BNF notes. Editor First edition reprint. Plate D.

Carnival of the Animals, The (arr Bocook) - Wind Repertory Project

Paris: Durand , BNF notice bibliographique. They loved their young professor for his wit, energy, and daring spirit. Above all, he encouraged his students to compose and to experiment with different styles. Delighted with what they heard, the students encouraged him to write down these short pieces. Twenty-five years later, some of them probably metamorphosed into Carnival of the Animals. Political tension between the two countries remained high even fifteen years after the Franco-Prussian war.

He resumed concertizing in Austria and Bohemia, where reception to his music was more favorable. There, in a matter of days, he composed the fourteen movements of Carnival. He had in mind an annual carnival concert during Mardi Gras, presented by Charles-Joseph Lebouc, a cellist friend in Paris. It was so successful that a repeat performance was presented a few days later at the chamber music series La Trompette.

Then Franz Liszt, in Paris for a visit, wanted to hear it, so a further performance occurred at the salon of the mezzo-soprano Pauline Viardot-Garcia on 2 April.

Edited by: Hurst, Lawrence

He had intended the piece as a jest; now he was apprehensive that the general public would assume his other music was like Carnival. The balance of the work was suppressed. For all his reluctance about Carnival, it remains one of the cleverest parodies in all music.