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The film tells the story of a young girl and her cousin who are sent to a summer camp where killings soon start. The site has so much to offer and we each pick three of our best viewing for the month. This is our last Shudder episodes. Thank you Shudder for all the great support and films and staying with us. It is a truly low cost that will feed its audience everything that is great about this genre. It excels in independent features that our outstanding and stand against most of Hollywood heavyweights. Treat yourself to a service that knows it fans and honours them with intelligence.

Season 2: Episode 62 - Rebecca. The film today is notable for having a lesbian flirtation going on with Mrs Danvers which Hitchcock would put into the film which was not in the script. The film was almost banned due to this but David O Selznick would push the film forward and eventually the Hayes board would back down for the film release. The film is a somewhat faithful adaption of the classic Daphne du Maurier and the first of three of her works filmed by Hitchcock.

This is also the first film to start the film noir movement in Hollywood. Filmed entirely on sound stages and using practical effects over digital effects, Coppola would rely on giving the film an erotic dream feel throughout the film. The film would get good notices for most of the cast though Keanu Reeves would be the brunt of bad reviews. It would transport Dracula to New York City after being evicted from his Castle by the Romanian government as they needed his castle to be the new sports center.

A sequel has been in planning stages since with no luck as of date.

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Season 2: Episode 60 - Dracula. The film is actually more based on the stage play and very loosely based on the novel. The film feels like a silent film through style and direction due to Browning having most of his experience in silent films. In , Phillip Glass would compose a score for this Dracula. Interestingly enough, Tod Browning would film during the day and at night, George Melford would film the Spanish version of the same film which both versions can be found on the Blu-Ray release with interesting results.

All songs available from Amazon. Season 2: Episode 59 - Stage Fright.

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The film is also notable as the film Hitchcock let the actor direct themselves which was the late Marlene Dietrich. The film is largely inspired by Alfred Hitchcock with musical score by Bernard Herrmann. The film has unique individual point of view shots and split screens to show action happening simultaneously on the screen.

It would go on to garner critical acclaim on its release and premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It has since been hailed for its filming technique and style. The film would be known as the top five films of Foreign films releases of The film is dark, violent and drenched in dread and is the perfect viewing for horror extreme enthusiasts. We are joined by Will Millar, author, blogger and interesting existentialist. Season 2 - Episode 57 - The Other.

The role of the twin boys was played by real twins Christopher and Martin Udvardonky, the only time they were cast. Mulligan would state that Ada is the heart of the piece and she would teach the boys how to dream but this would be turned into something sinister in the minds of the boys. The film was quietly released theatrically but has gone on to be considered a critics favourite. Interesting note Christopher Udvardonky would die at the age of 49 on the same date as the film premiered on TNT on 25 October Season 2 - Episode 56 - Shudder April Season 2: Episode 55 - Lifeboat. It was highly controversial when released due to what many interpreted as a sympathetic German U-boat captain.

The film is known to have no musical soundtrack except for the beginning and end credits. It is also known for its troubled shoots due to illnesses of all the cast and the near death accident of Hume Cronyn. The film was nominated for numerous awards and remade a science fiction thriller called Lifepod. Banned in numerous countries, Inside is a classic that will be with you for a long, long time. This tense claustrophobic thriller caused people to faint in theatres on its initial release due to high tension.

The film did reasonably well at the box office. Season 2: Episode 53 - Room. When the book was published, Emma Donoghue wrote the screenplay and had it ready. She received numerous offers and rejected them due to creative differences. Lenny Abrahamson wrote a ten page fan letter to Donoghue which opened a successful negotiation. Larson would throw herself into the role which include consultant with a trauma expert and nutritionist and avoided sunlight. Jacob Tremblay was cast in the role of Jack. The film would go on to be nominated and won numerous awards.

Season 2: Episode 52 - Shudder March Keith Chawgo and Vickie Rae discuss Shudder and their picks of what to see each month on this incredible fantastic online services that gives it's audience the best of dark fiction, horror and thriller genres. Season 2: Episode 51 - Leaving Neverland. Riding on the coat tails of continuing the controversy surrounded with pop culture, the film takes an in depth and often hard look at the alleged sexual abuse.

Told in a chronological order, the film would spark social media rows of whether the allegations are true or a matter of fiction. At the time of recording, it has had an unprecedented effect on Jackson leading to some gut jerk reactions from removing him from popular television series and his music being played on the radio in some sectors.

It has also sparked an allegiance to the metoo movement and created a backlash from life long fans against Robson and Safechuck. Interestingly enough, after the airing of the documentary in the UK and USA, Michael Jackson albums have increased in sales and his videos on YouTube have garnered more views than in recent issues. The world will never know the truth about Michael Jackson and alleged sexual abuse but we know that it has sparked debate, made us look at child sexual abuse and opened up communication concerning the issues the film raises. Although the documentary is presented in a two men and their families sharing their version of events, the film is not two sided.

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Closing Credits — Controversy by Prince, taken from the album Controversy. All rights are reserved. Season 2: Episode 50 - Rope. Before being a film, it was a successful play by Patrick Hamilton.

This is the first technicolour film of Hitchcocks and is known for being filmed in real time and edited to look as it is one continuous shot from beginning to end. It is the second film that Hitchcock would film in a limited setting.

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The film was shot using ten minute takes due to the size of the film canisters at that time and the set was the largest ever built for a film. The set also encompasses a cyclorama which was in the background with lights coming on in the New York City background, the sun setting and clouds made from spun glass moving across the sky.

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The film starred James Stewart and Farley Granger and is truly memorable for its one shot momentum. Hitchcock makes two appearance in this film, see if you can spot them. Ketchum was so haunted about the story of Sylvia Likens whose aunt and neighbourhood children would torture, rape, beat and eventually kill her over the summer. The Girl Next Door is a hard hitting story that does not shy away from the situation that presents itself with an excellent performance by Blanche Sixteen Candles Baker as the diabolical Aunt Ruth.

This true story is the shocking tale of Sylvia Likens who was beat, raped, branded and killed by her aunt, cousins and neighbourhood children in The film would have difficulty finding a distributor due to the subject matter but Showtime would show the film in Season 2: Episode 48 - Helter Skelter.

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The crime that shook the country and is known for killing the hippy movement in two nights. Tom Gries would direct this two part television film that would shock and stun American audiences for upping the violence and sex on primetime television. This was also broadcast seven years after the initial crimes which was a gamble CBS was willing to take.

It was a hit in the ratings and would be released outside America with extra violence and nudity to theatres to become a theatrical blockbuster. The film would be nominated for numerous awards and win the Edgar Allen Poe for best miniseries. Season 2: Episode 47 - Shudder February Season 2: Episode 46 - Marnie. The film would mark the end of collaboration for Alfred Hitchcock which would include Bernard Herrman Score , Robert Burks Cinematography and George Tosasini editor who died shortly after completion of Marnie.

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The film was originally going to star Grace Kelly but after the citizens of Morocco objected, she declined. Other actresses where sought after before Hitchcock decided to go with Tippi Hendren after working together on The Birds. Marnie would be a moderate success.