Manual Práctico de Primeros Auxilios y Respuesta a los Desastres (Spanish Edition)

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Los desastres no son naturales. The irregular occurrence of the second group does not imply that they are not foreseeable —it is commonly accepted that all disasters have a certain degree of foreseeability, which is mainly dependent on historically constructed social processes which are peculiar to the communities affected by those disasters.

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According to Wilches-Chaux 6 6. It is acknowledged that for a disaster to impact on a community there must be a combination of two factors: These elements interact in a network of active and dynamic relations: The United Nations Organization has noted that disasters cause a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society, involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceed the ability of the affected community or society to cope with them using their own resources 7 7.

Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Disasters also entail a marked reduction of the development potential of the affected areas both in the medium term and in the long term 8 8. Managing Natural Disasters and the Environment.

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The World Bank; The impact of disasters on development gains: Rev Adm Sanit ; 1 1: Lessons learned from complex emergencies over past decade. Lancet ; The response of people to disasters and other traumatic situations in which they perceive a danger to their lives or suffer the loss of material assets, family and loved ones, may include mental disorders. These, as described by Buckley et al. A confirmatory factor analysis of posttraumatic stress symptoms. Behav Res Ther ; 36 The reviewed literature points to the psychosocial effects as some of the most weakening long-term results of disasters on individuals 15 Psychosocial consequences of disasters: Psychosocial consequences of natural disasters in developing countries: Individual and community responses to trauma and disaster: Cambridge University Press; Despite the fact that a considerable number of persons experience situations of danger and anxiety, most of them go back to their daily activities and continue to function normally.

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Yet, some of them may experience the persistence of stress symptoms that affect their behavior and functional capacity and may progress to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and other mental disorders 18 Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences. Preparing for the psychological consequences of terrorism: National Academy Press; Terrorism and mental health: The Carter Center; The World Health Organization acknowledges that disasters pose a heavy burden on the mental health of the affected persons, the majority of whom live in developing countries, where the capacity to cope with those problems may prove very limited 20 The world health report —mental health: This has led some authors to research the characteristics of psychosocial interventions in disaster situations, and to conclude that the most common types of interventions are group assistance and workshops.

Other authors point to the precariousness of organizations for coping with catastrophes 21 Ter Psicol ; 28 2: There are descriptions of the most frequent consequences on the mental health of the affected communities, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and depressive disorders 22 Los problemas psicosociales en situaciones de desastres y emergencias: The impact of disasters is also dependent on the social and economic dimensions: The literature also points to the association of pre-existent vulnerability factors to more pronounced negative consequences for the mental health of the affected persons.

Thus, poverty and gender differences, combined with the level of exposure to disaster, may be decisive for the presence of symptoms of depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 24 Ter Psicol ; 30 1: There is also evidence of the relationship between post traumatic mental disorders and physical alterations such as fatigue, cephalea, gastralgia, and cardiopathy 25 Some indications of the long term health effects of a natural disaster.

Public Health Rep ; 96 1: Resilience is conceived as the ability of a person or a group to recover from the effects of adversity and continue planning for the future 26 It is commonly accepted that resilience varies depending on personal characteristics and environment peculiarities which will be dealt with below.


There is evidence that, after certain traumatic experiences, survivors may show resilient behavior both in their physical and mental health, as evinced by the fact that they do not develop chronic pathological symptoms 26 According to PAHO 27 The events that produce the strongest impact are the unexpected ones, those caused by man, those entailing situations of prolonged stress and affecting people collectively. Events such as earthquakes, avalanches and mudslides do not allow time for deploying individual or collective prevention strategies and may result in feelings of helplessness, and emotional reactions like seeking someone to lay the blame on ; this reactions somehow inhibit the capacity to reflect and make appropriate decisions.

Large-scale disasters, which entail emergencies of a collective nature, generate a major impact, because people live not only their personal tragedies but also those of friends and relatives; besides, the social and family support network is affected 27 Some age groups are more vulnerable than others, such as children and advanced-age people. Age, gender and the characteristics of the population affected should be taken into account, since catastrophes will have different consequences for children, adolescents and senior adults 28 Sex differences in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Arch Gen Psychiatry ; 54 Moreover, psychosocial needs and coping resources will also differ, depending on the roles they play in their ethnic and social environments 29 Silverman W, La Greca A. Definitions, reactions, and predictor of outcomes. Helping Children Cope with Disaster and terrorism. American Psychological Ass; Disasters do not choose their victims, but they obviously hit harder in the case of families belonging to poorer communities, who are in situations of social vulnerability, and who may have serious limitations of access to social and healthcare services 30 Human problems in mayor disasters: S Government printing Office; Restableciendo el equilibrio personal en emergencias y desastres: Ministerio de Salud; Mental Health and Disasters.

Mental health responses in a Decade of Disasters. Psychiatry ; 38 Assistance should be provided with a maximum of organization; delayed assistance may become an additional problem, and it may trigger social conflict. Another aspect to take into account is the media treatment of disaster situations, since this is a factor that may foster the social processes arising from humanitarian emergency crises.

Salud Mental y desplazamiento forzado. Apego, resiliencia y vulnerabilidad a enfermar: Por lo tanto, en el momento en que se produjo el evento, las familias estaban por lo general separadas: Por lo tanto, las autoridades tuvieron que buscar a los miembros de las familias para reconstituirlas y, con este fin, registraron a los damnificados y sus necesidades.

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Las autoridades no estaban preparadas para manejar una fase de emergencia. Tanto las autoridades como los damnificados atribuyeron aquellos al alcoholismo y al comportamiento violento de algunos individuos. Todos estos actores no intervinieron al mismo tiempo, lo que permite distinguir dos niveles de funcionamiento:.

Las autoridades decidieron darles una ayuda financiera para su realojamiento. No obstante, el damnificado siempre fue intermediario entre los diferentes actores del GMLP. Al ignorar ciertos servicios y ciertos procedimientos, sus titubeos administrativos prolongaron el tiempo de tratamiento de los expedientes. Por otro lado, se encuentran aproximadamente a una hora y media en bus desde el centro de La Paz, insertos en zonas desfavorecidas de El Alto.

Posteriormente se les han unido 50 familias damnificadas por el deslizamiento de terreno de Llojeta del 4 de marzo de En marzo de , los damnificados fueron directamente transferidos hacia tres campamentos situados cerca de la zona del impacto: Por lo tanto, carece de medios para efectuar cualquier seguimiento de los damnificados reubicados.

Llojeta es su lugar de trabajo. La ventana Principal es el valor predeterminado. Los nombres predeterminados son los mismos que su color, pero usted puede cambiarlos al que a usted guste, al ingresar nuevas etiquetas en los cuadros de texto que se muestran en la Figura Acerca del uso de opciones de listado La ventana View Options Opciones de listado le permite mejorar la forma en que cualquier ventana se ve y experimenta. Usted puede hacer esto de forma global para que todas las ventanas utilicen el mismo listado cuando se abran o puede hacerlo ventana por ventana.

Para encontrar estas opciones, siga estos pasos: 1. Aparece la ventana View Options Opciones del vista. Cuando haya finalizado, cierre la ventana View Options Opciones del vista. Las opciones Cover Flow view [Vista de flujo de portadas] son similares a las opciones List view [Listado], debido a que Cover Flow [Flujo de portadas] incluye un listado en la parte inferior. Para cambiar estas opciones de listado, siga estos pasos: 1. Desde el grupo de cuadros debajo del encabezado Show Columns Mostrar columnas en la Figura , seleccione los que usted desea que aparezcan en la ventana List view Listado.

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Si usted ha utilizado Windows, puede ser que conozca los alias como accesos directos. Con los alias, esto no importa. Eliminar un alias no elimina el elemento padre. Si desea eliminar el elemento padre, usted tiene que cazarlo y matarlo usted mismo. Cazar el alias padre Supongamos que crea un alias de un archivo, y luego desea eliminar tanto el alias como su archivo padre, pero no puede encontrar el archivo padre. No se preocupe demasiado — este material es sencillo. Independientemente de esto, la estructura de carpetas que usa Mac OS X es la misma, sin importar si hay un usuario o docenas de usuarios.

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