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I actually really like this book.

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The characters were really well written in the sense that I never found myself wondering who was who. The book also was good at making you put yourself in the characters shoes.

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Many times through the book I found myself laughing, or in rage at certain characters wishing something horrible would happen to them bringing them to a tortuous death. I enjoy books that are able to make the reader feel strong emotions like that. Some areas were kind of annoying such as some of the romance as some felt a little cringy. There is also some of that rapish sex.

Rosehaven: Tasmania

One of those romances that pit the main characters hating each other where the hate eventually turns to love. I haven't read the other books in the series, and honestly reading this book didn't feel like I needed to.

I may read this book again in a few years. Subjects Great Britain Fiction. Edward I, Historical Fiction. Love stories. Original language English. Original publication date Physical description p. Barcode Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey.

Rosehaven - Series 3

I must have read book before finishing this. I liked her better when she had spunk but she was ready to be a wallflower just to make Severin happy. This is by far the worst Catherine Coulter book I've ever read. Seeing that I've already read Warrior's Song twice, Fire Song three times, Earth Song three times, and Secret Song twice, I obviously know what to expect from a Catherine Coulter book -- strong spirited heroines, abusive males, the expectation that women are treated as nothing more than possessions and are to obey males at all times, etc.

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Unlike Fire Song, Warrior Song, Earth Song or Secret Song, Rosehaven has absolutely no plot and nothing going for it to make it even believable that the characters do eventually find love against all odds. He was abusive to Hastings but had a degree change of behavior at Rosehaven? There's no explanation too about why, at the end of the book, someone who's been trying to kill Hastings all the while has had a change of heart suddenly. Like I said, this is the worst Catherine Coulter book I've ever read and if this had been the first book I picked up from the author, I would have sworn off her books forever.

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