Spider #65 February 1939 (The Spider)

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Our first three bargain lots are detailed below:. Secondly, in the comic often referred to as Justice League of America 3. The crimson-clad conjuress though erroneously depicted as a Emerald Empress on this very cover has been a mutant and a mage, an X-Man and an Avenger, a hero and a villain, and a bunch of other stuff besides, including being the alleged offspring of a bewildering variety of people as new writers take over.


And for those of you wondering how the hell that could work? Mostly in mid-range affordable grades, these offer a chance to see work by some of the stars of the comics business — including Ditko, Buscema, Sutton, Newton, Smith and Zeck — either in their early days or, in the case of Charlton, subjected to least editorial control!

Many other issues also included — check out our catalogue listings for full details. Because of the softcover printings, these are much scarcer, particularly in nice grade, than virtually all of their contemporaries. Buster presented a unique blend of humour and adventure, and as if to emphasize that, we also have a few extras: Buster Books of Gags , Spooky Stories and Thrills This period covers the debuts of radio star Dick Barton who goes to outer space from on , and the first appearances of long-running mainstays Strongbow the Mohawk from and Claude Duval from Collectors should note that a previous owner has deleted the original numbers in pen and added his own numbering system, but we have accurately recorded the true numbers on our pricing labels on the bag enclosing each issue.

Many reputedly never even put copies on sale and the large size made it easily damaged.

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As a consequence, copies of Jag are generally rare and seldom high grade. We have a nice selection new in from the 2nd issue through to the ante-penultimate in , including the first appearance of Football Family Robinson, who would go on to a longer career in Tiger. With its launch, it brought a plethora of new stars to the scene, several of whom, after Cor itself fell by the wayside, continued their career into a revitalised Buster. Fill yer kinky boots with this new selection of several issues from and then dozens from , greatly enhancing our existing inventory. The creation of Gardner Fox with Mike Sekowsky, archaeologist Adam Strange was transported each issue to the exotic planet of Rann, where, together with the lovely Alanna, he defeated threats to two worlds.

His first three appearances are offered here in appealing low-mid grades. At last — our masterplan for world domination. In true gloating megalomaniac style we can reveal how we will have taken over the planet by midday today! At this very moment our customers worldwide will be using their combined skills to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate in order to bring down legitimate governments and install 30th Century puppet regimes in their place. How was this achieved? Green Arrow and Tomahawk add to the vintage fun and action in these quaint classics.

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  • Adventure, meanwhile, spans issues to , including several pre-distribution Superboy-led issues, and later top-ups with the Legion of Super-Heroes, Supergirl and Aquaman as the respective lead features. Reduced to a bi-monthly reprint comic and occasional guest-appearances, the merry mutants were without a home to call their own. Neither of these issues was ever distributed in the UK, so their already uncommon status is exacerbated by their scarcity on this side of the pond. Mid to high-grade early issues, each with special significance in the life of our favourite wall-crawler; we anticipate demand for these to be keen, so get your orders in early!

    See our catalogue for full grading and pricing information. Baby Huey, the Baby Giant 56 Harvey. Batman DC. Beetle Bailey 44 Gold Key. Billy the Kid 44 Charlton. Black Fury 46 Charlton. Blackhawk DC.

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    • Bonanza 6 Gold Key. Brave and the Bold 52 DC. Brides in Love 40 Charlton. Challengers of the Unknown 36 DC. Cheyenne Kid 44 Charlton. Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love 74 Charlton. Daffy Duck 36 Gold Key. Detective Comics DC.

      Falling in Love 65 DC. Fantastic Four 23 Marvel. Fightin' Marines 57 Charlton. Fightin' Navy Charlton. First Kiss 36 Charlton. Flash DC. Fox and the Crow 84 DC. Freddy 44 Charlton. Friendly Ghost, Casper 66 Harvey. Frogmen 8 Dell. Combat DC. Girls' Love Stories DC.

      Gorgo 17 Charlton. Harvey Hits 77 Harvey. Heart Throbs 88 DC.

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      Hot Stuff Sizzlers 15 Harvey. Hot Stuff, the Little Devil 58 Harvey. I Love You 50 Charlton. Journey into Mystery Marvel. Just Married 35 Charlton. Justice League of America 25 DC. Kathy 27 Marvel. Laugh Archie. Little Dot 91 Harvey. Little Dot's Uncles and Aunts 8 Harvey. Magnus, Robot Fighter 5 Gold Key. Metal Men 6 DC. Modeling with Millie 29 Marvel.

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      My Greatest Adventure 85 DC. Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 40 Charlton. Mystery in Space 89 DC. Our Army at War DC. Our Fighting Forces 82 DC. Outlaws of the West 47 Charlton. Patsy and Hedy 92 Marvel.