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What makes the human experience of abundance so particular and unique is therefore not what the abundant state looks like because it looks like freedom which is a universal experience , instead, it is the experience of abundance in relation to our human experience of lack that makes it so unique. Your personal experience of lack makes your experience of abundance unique. We are each spirit in human form. In this, our consciousness is eternal but our experience of physicality is temporary. This means that when we are embodied we experience ourselves as mortal, but between lives we experience ourselves as immortal.

Therefore, you are a pure state of freedom that is temporarily choosing to experience lack and limitation. Your experiences of lack and limitation are not what you are; they are a choice you are freely making. To see this perspective is to begin to untangle yourself from the negative ideas you may have absorbed and internalized due to your experiences of lack which you have subconsciously concluded are a reflection of how you are somehow lacking on a spiritual — by which I mean fundamental — level. No spirit becomes human before exploring these less intense experiences of physicality.

If you are experiencing lack, it is not because you are spiritually lacking, it is because you are carrying a belief that you are lacking. I want to highlight here that this does not only apply to a lack of money. The belief in lack concerns any quality you believe you may be lacking in whether that be health, kindness, spiritual awareness, or your physical accommodation.

To see that the experience of lack is a choice, rather than a result of some deficiency within you, is to start to see the experience of lack in the same way as your spirit. With this knowing, you can then begin to untangle yourself from the negative beliefs that have arisen through the feelings of lack you have naturally and understandably meaning there has been no mistake accumulated across your life. To see that your spirit is not lacking is to stop using ideas of what you do or do not physically possess as indicators of who or what you are.

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Why would I ever create an experience of lack? The answer to this question is, at its heart, the same answer to the question of why we would choose to be mortal, limited, or in pain.

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So understand that this realization goes far beyond becoming abundant. The big realization is that the abundance we seek to experience in human form exists in relation to our experience of lack. It does not — and cannot — standalone because one of the biggest qualities of being human is how our experiences exist in relation to each other. Meaning, you cannot have an experience of human abundance without also having an experience of lack. So, although it may be nice to imagine being born wealthy, it comes with a huge shadow-side as, even though you will have your physical needs met, the emotional experience of that value is not available to you because you do not truly know what it feels like to be in lack despite seeing it all over the media.

For example, no amount of watching the TV Show Survivor ever prepares contestants for what it will feel like to experience being that tired and hungry. This occurs through seeing that those experiences of lack are you choosing to create an experience — that will include both positive and negative qualities — from the negative end first. We create the pain of lack in order to experience the joy of liberating ourselves from that lack. In saying this, I understand the part of you that may feel uneasy about it. This is because I believed — and still do — that we each create our own reality.

Individuality is about picking one of many paths instead of potentially experiencing all paths at once which is how your spirit perceives reality.

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This shows how our spirit is not lacking in what it can create. So, while embodied, you cannot know what it feels like to be gay and straight, black and white, or male and female at the same time. We wanted the human experience to be like this because to be human is to want to experience diversity in relation to your individuality. However, from my perspective — and the way I interpret my own life even when it is tough to do so — because we each create our own reality, we are each experiencing what our spirit wants to experience through us — because we are our spirit. We are constantly on the search for abundance in the form of great amounts of wealth, health, happiness, possessions and prosperity in life.

But there is still more to abundance that can give us great peace and solitude within. When we are filled with Spirit, we are filled with the Light that guides our way towards abundance. When one has this abundance of Spirit, everything else flows and creates abundance in all other areas.

#10 – A Springtime Spirit of Abundance

It is in these moments that one feels love and generosity of compassion that comes forth and fills us with the joys of life. Let us feel the gratitude well up inside that creates an abundance of love so that our Spirit is alive, thus being able to welcome into our lives the many blessings bestowed upon us. Although we may feel that abundance comes and goes, Spirit is always ready to balance our inner thoughts and actions to lead us into the future with love in our hearts.

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Spirit renews all around us. That which we feel is gone is really just taking the time to allow us to find ourselves as we renew in it. Spirit works in natural ways to show us the marvels of life. It precipitates love into our lives. We need only be in nature to receive its healing love to set us forth into abundance.

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See the beauty that dances about. Meditate on that which comes forth as Spirit sends messages to you. As you marvel at His art, see your reflection in the images that appear.

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For what we see in His art is what we have inside ourselves. Let it reveal a part of us that opens ourselves to further abundance. Just as the ice melts and we turn back to the perils of the world, we think we have lost that which was once before us. Have faith in spirit that is so full of abundance it fills our lives for our highest good. When we fill ourselves with His love, we have the strength within us to create the abundance spirit sends forth.