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The book lets you first get to grips with the Oculus SDK and then moves on to the Unity Engine to add realistic graphics and features in your games.

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Book Description Explore the new frontier of virtual reality with the Oculus Rift and bring the VR revolution to your own projects About This Book Create immersive 3D games especially designed for the Oculus Rift platform Build complex realistic virtual reality VR games with the Unity Engine Create striking VR environments with advanced graphical techniques Who This Book Is For This book is for aspiring indie developers and VR enthusiasts who want to bring their ideas into virtual reality with a new platform that provides an unprecedented level of realism and immersion.

What You Will Learn Increase immersion with 3D audio and intuitive interfaces Create group VR experiences using multi-player networking Design fun and engaging mechanics that utilize VR principles Explore the best ways to navigate and interact using the Oculus Rift Design intuitive ways to navigate and interact with scenes in VR Add stunning realism to a scene with three-dimensional audio Invent mechanics and features that take full advantage of VR hardware In Detail Virtual reality VR is changing the world of gaming and entertainment as we know it. Style and approach This book takes a step-by-step tutorial approach with illustrative examples to help you implement the projects on your own.

Establishing Presence Setting up the game environment Configuring lighting properties Adding some color to the scene Adding colliders to imported mesh objects Accentuating depth with particle effects Customizing the skybox Enabling player interaction with the world Creating the dynamic wall prefab Scripting our prefab Populating the game world with resources Making the practice dummies drop resources Using resources to interact with the environment Summary 6.

Book Launch: Oculus by Sally Wen Mao, convo with Tavi Gevinson

Adding Tone and Realism with Graphics A simple breakdown of the rendering pipeline Defining the geometry Transforming the model into world space Transforming the world into camera space Lighting the objects in the scene Deriving a projection from the camera Clipping geometry outside the camera's frustum Rasterization and texturing Forward and deferred rendering Forward rendering Deferred rendering Demonstrating the value of deferred rendering Adding tone with color grading The basics of color grading Adding a color grading script to the camera Sampling a lookup texture Creating dramatic effects with vibrant LUTs Changing the appearance of objects with shaders A quick overview of ShaderLab shaders Importing a textured model An overview of ShaderLab's fundamental syntax Writing your first shader Defining a diffuse texture property Adding a normal map property to a shader Generating a normal map Summary 9.

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‘History of the Future’ book chronicles Palmer Luckey, Oculus, and the rebirth of VR

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