The Mermaid and the Sea Witch

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In fact, it was the Greeks who gave us the first descriptions of mermaids. These sea nymphs were given the features traditionally associated with the mermaid, half beautiful woman, half fish. These enchanting creatures were well known to mingle with humans and to bear children. The Greek hero Achilles was born of a mermaid, and some Greek families today still claim mermaid blood in their lineage. Nereids were found anywhere there was water, including springs and wells. It was the sirens that were known for their singing voices, supposedly of such beauty that sailors would forget what they were doing, and simply stop to listen.

But the sirens were never half-woman and half-fish creatures. Originally, there were only three sirens, and they started out as mortal human women who were the handmaidens of Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demeter. When Persephone was abducted by Hades, Demeter gifted the three girls with the bodies of birds so they could help search for the lost girl. The sirens were further cursed when they entered a singing competition with the Muses and lost the contest as well as their wings and many of their feathers.

Eventually, the sirens died with the fulfillment of a prophecy that should anyone be able to resist their song, the sirens would perish. And they did; when Odysseus had his men block their ears and then tied himself to the mast of his ship so he could listen but not interfere, the sirens hurled themselves into the sea and died as he passed.

Sirens and mermaids have been confused for a long time, well before Piers Anthony and C. Lewis assigned mermaids their singing voices.

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The Little Mermaid - The Sea Witch [Instrumental] HD

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Unearthing the Sea Witch

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The little Mermaid and the Sea Witch part 3 of the fairy tale “The little Mermaid” by H.C. Andersen

Before she was the fiercest woman in the sea, Evie was a girl with a dark secret who loved her two best friends. When one of them dies and the other has to fulfill his royal duties, Evie is left to find her own way in a world that hates her. That is, until a mysterious girl with her own fair share of secrets and the face of a dead girl shows up and changes everything.

In this novel, there were no tongue-in-cheek references or easily recognizable characters lurking in the background or randomly passing through a scene. However, we never actually see them. By setting Sea Witch outside of the familiar in terms of tropes and characters, Sarah Henning instead opens up the story to allow us to see the world that the classic fairy tale comes from. But by stripping all of those familiar elements away, the setting becomes its own character and pushes us to see that it too has a hand in the classic story.

In fact, I could taste the salt from the sea and feel a sea breeze through my hair while I devoured this novel.

Witch No. 6: Ursula (The Sea Witch) – JACK HENSELEIT

My only complaint here is that there was sometimes a bit too much magic. Instead of being complete fantasy, Sea Witch feels really historical in nature. It draws heavily on Danish culture and history, shining a light on traditional customs, foods, and even perceptions of the larger world. Because the Danish are so reliant on their fishing and whaling, they view the sea as a living entity capable of making its own decisions. But enough about the setting and atmosphere. Evie is just sorely misunderstood. She cares deeply for the ones she loves and will stop at nothing to protect them.

Entre em contato

Does that mean that she makes some misguided decisions sometimes? Does it also mean that she can be easily tricked or led astray? Sadly, yes. Sound familiar? But the young men in Sea Witch? Noble yet incredibly sweet. His interactions with Evie bring out her sweetness and make her relax while she gives him well-needed boosts of confidence.

He possesses all of the same qualities as Nik but in contrasting levels. It takes a little bit of digging and one-on-one time with Iker to see his softer, more sensitive side. Iker is also very much a realist and a protector of his cousin.

Mermaid Island

He values his relatively carefree life while also recognizing the boundaries of his station. Oh, and the intimate scenes between him and Evie are pretty great too.

These POV chapters not only further the story and add context to the present day goings-on, but also give us a better sense of who the main characters are and what motivates them. But what Sea Witch lacks in pure whimsy and singing sea creatures, it more than makes up for with atmosphere and layered relationships. Fan of our book coverage? Why not join our Hypable Books Facebook group!

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