Up with the Lark - A Return to the Alcarria

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To abandon. To strike down. To carry off. To move. The act of abandoning. Lewdness, debauchery. To abandon, to desert. To despond, to despair; to give one's self up to. A fan. A sprit-sail.

En abanico , Fan-formed, like a fan. A piece of coarse leather tied on the soles of the feet, and worn by Spanish peasants. To clasp, to embrace. To contain; to undertake. To go round and inspect. A deep, heavy road. A precipice. Difficult business. Act of making or falling into cavities or ruts; embarrassment.

To break up a road; to dig holes. To fall into a pit; to become embarrassed. To tie down, to bind with cords. To trim the hold, to stow the cargo. A small package for filling up the cavities in the stowage of a cargo. The supply of a town with provisions. Any thing abundant. Small embroideries. Overthrow, destruction. Discouragement, lowness of spirits.

The Lark

Humble, obscure condition. The leeway of a ship. To throw down, to overthrow. To humble, to debase. To descend, to stoop. To be disheartened.

To have leeway. Under, underneath, below. Venirse abaxo , To fall, to tumble. A bee. The bee-eater, a bird. Merops apiaster L. A mean, despicable fellow. A bee which makes no honey; a drone. A rustic play of buzzing in and striking the ear. To compose in b -flat. To soften, to quiet.

Rural Retreats

The act of opening; beginning, commencement. An opening, chink. Openness of mind; plain dealing. A leak. To cloud or paint with a diversity of colours, without order or union. Narcissus or daffodil. A precious stone of the colour of the daffodil. Process of a judge in cases of no will. To soften. To loosen. To assuage, to mitigate.

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To grow mild or temperate: applied to the weather. The water with which Roman Catholic priests purify the chalice at mass. To stupify. To grow stupid. To take or catch with the mouth.

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To meet by agreement, in order to treat upon, or settle an affair. Bent; applied to an elliptic arch, the two faces of which are nearly the same. To follow the profession of a lawyer, to plead. To intercede in behalf of another.

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To emboss. To annoy with an unpleasant discourse. To stun and confound. To bud; applied in particular to the vine. Creditable, rich. Fit, and disposed for any thing; commonly understood in an ill sense. To make good an assertion. To manure lands. To give one credit— vr. To subscribe to any work, to pay in advance for any thing.

Security given for a person, or the performance of a contract.


Dung, manure. A receipt in full or part. He that boards, one that approaches. An intruder, who accosts a person with an air of impudence. To board a ship. To run foul of a ship.